How to gain more confidence when speaking English

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When you’re learning a language there is always unfamiliar territory to navigate and new situations arising. New situations can often make us feel nervous and it’s only natural for nerves to affect our confidence. This is especially true when it comes to speaking.

However, there are a few great ways to give your English confidence a boost, so that you’ll soon find speaking English comes easier than ever.

1. Practice and preparation can be a big help for building confidence. For example, rehearsing and rewriting your English presentations can help you to memorize the material. The more familiar you are with your material, the smoother your presentation will go and the easier it will be for you to speak with confidence.

2. Finding a technique that works for you can also help you feel comfortable when speaking aloud. You may find that simple breathing exercises can quickly make you seem calmer. Or you could try visualization techniques that make you feel more confident and positive as you raise your hand to participate in class.

3. Reviewing what you’ve learned does require you to spend more time on learning English. However, this step can make a huge difference in your confidence levels if you take the time to go over your newly learned skills. The more familiar you can become with new English vocabulary and grammar, the better your delivery of spoken English will become.

4. Your attitude and your mind set are just as important as the time you take to learn and prepare. First, remember that you can speak English and that you possess an excellent source of English vocabulary. Try to always be positive about your English skills and focus on the English concepts that you have mastered and not on the English skills that you need to improve on.

5. Lastly, think about being calm. Remind yourself to relax and use your English knowledge.

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