Want to upgrade your English vocabulary? Try newspapers and magazines!

want to upgrade your english vocabulary? try newspapers and magazines! cover

From keeping up with the latest celebrity gossip to finding out about current events, newspapers and magazines have it covered. But did you know that you can actually use newspapers and magazines to improve your English vocabulary?

First, install a couple of English-language news apps or magazines on your smartphone or laptop. For example, if you’re into current events try this newspaper.

Next, make time in your day to check out the latest stories. You could read during a lunch break or at home in the evenings. The more that reading in English becomes a habit, the better your English will become!

Remember, only read about things that interest you. This will keep you interested and stop you getting bored. For instance, if you are into technology, then choose articles and features on the latest iPhone or computer games. If you love a particular celebrity or artist, then check out the latest information about them. Are they working on anything at the moment? What is their new film like?

As you read, you may find that there are a lot of words you don’t understand. Don’t worry. Keep reading! Read to the end of the article or feature. Then go back to see if you can guess what the unknown words mean. Look at the rest of the sentence to help you guess. Then, check your understanding by looking up the words in your dictionary or online (try When you think you understand all new vocabulary, read the article again and check it all makes sense.

When you understand the new words, make a note of them. You could even use a note app on your phone! Even if you learn only 5 new words a day, it all adds up!

If you have a friend who likes the same hobby or artist, send them links to newspaper or magazine articles they would find interesting. Then, you could meet up for a coffee or have a Skype call to chat about it. Discuss what you read, what you think about it, and the new vocabulary you have learned. Then, you could ask your friend for their opinion about it!

The more you read and talk about what you have read, the better your English vocabulary will become. Reading in English will get easier and easier, we promise!

So, pull out your phone or log on to your laptop and let newspapers and magazines help you improve your English vocabulary!

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