5 Fun ways to learn English faster with music

5 fun ways to learn english faster with music cover

Music can have a dramatic effect on our emotions. It can affect our feelings and bring back memories from our past. As well as stimulating our emotions and memories, music can have a powerful affect on learning. Harness the power of music to learn English faster with these five fun techniques.

Memorise new words and expressions

Do you have a favorite English song? Find its lyrics on the Internet, and print them out. Each time you listen to the song, sing along. Soon, you will know the words by heart, which means you’ve just memorised new words and expressions that you can actually use! In addition, singing along to match the singer’s voice can improve your pronunciation and word stress.

Improve your focus

Songs can also improve your listening and critical thinking skills. The next time you listen to an English song, close your eyes and listen carefully. Try to pick out any words you know and even some you don’t, and write them down. Use the lyrics, the expression in the singer’s voice, and the song’s tune to form a picture in your mind about the song’s true meaning. Remember, even native speakers sometimes have a hard time distinguishing all the words in a song so once you’ve tried to make out all the lyrics, check online to see whether you were right.

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Become a genius

We all have times where we find it difficult or stressful to study. Thankfully, music can help! Just listen to classical music while you study – it’s great for relaxation. It tests, classical music had been proven to help you concentrate more, focus on what you’re studying and increases your ability to memorize words. In addition, it eliminates other distracting or irritating sounds around you – perfect for when you really need to concentrate.

Get with the beat

The next time you need to memorize lists of vocabulary or expressions, try making them into a “Jazz Chant.” Clap your hands or tap your feet to help you create a steady rhythm. Then read your new vocabulary words or phrases out loud, stressing the sounds of words or important phrases. This will help with your syllable stress and sentence stress. It’s more fun than just staring at a list of words, too!

Remember with a rhyme

Children all over the world use rhymes to help us remember facts and new words. These rhymes make learning so much easier and they work for adults, too! Try making rhymes out of simple grammar rules or new vocabulary. You will remember things quicker, and you will have fun!

Give the techniques above a try. If you’re a confident singer, study with a friend. If not, find a private space to enjoy learning English with music. Wherever you do it, you will find that using music properly has a powerful effect on your learning and, most importantly, makes learning fun!

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